Friday, February 5, 2010

Just because...

Hey all,

Here's my first go at using SU!'s treat cups....but since I wasn't sure how the recipient would feel about various edible candies, I decided to put in some crafty candy instead - a random mix of clear buttons.

And, since I didn't want her to have to tear the card to get the buttons, I made a removeable insert instead...which now can double as a bookmark - no sense in wasting paper! =)

(Front - above)

The cherries are all glittered...and I sprinkled some more glitter in the Mod Podge, too. The white ink on the monogram smeared a bit...but I think I like the effect. There was some glow-in-the-dark glitter on the monogram, too - but who knows if it's still there. (I'll test it later!)

Oh, by the way - the funky pointing hand and the cherries are from Bombshell's Cherry Bomb set.


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  1. oh, so creative! love the bookmark, and yeah, i'll take the buttons over candy anytime!!! love me some buttons!!! tfs; tinla:)


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