Thursday, February 18, 2010

Emily's Valentine...

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So I guess this is a little after the fact...oh well. This is actually very shimmery - there were Spica pens used all over the place. I whipped this up in 20 minutes (took longer to colour than to do anything else - already had the image & paper printed!) Friday morning, so she'd have a valentine in her lunch - I had already made a series of 3x3 notes to put in her lunch every school day in Feb, but had some spare time that morning, so I decided to make her something bigger for the party (at school).
Pixie Pie Catching Hearts - Pixie Dust Studio


  1. This is adorable! I'm sure it'll make your dd the happiest kid at school!

  2. Such a cute Valentine! I'm sure she loved it ;D

  3. This is a very cute Valentines card!

  4. I started making valetine atc's and something happened on the way{I have no clue} and I decided if they are late ,they are late! still have the started ones from feb.2007 that I'm going to get figured out as well.
    This is so cute, puts me in mind of Strawberry Shortcake Doll. I just got to thinking that if you are curious-I am in the Gauche Alchemy Flickr pool and also remembered that Nina linked my Flickr in one of her post. Happy happies.

  5. Such a cute card.


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