Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally - A Tutorial... How To Make A Notebook - Part 3

Alrighty folks... get through these final steps, and....we're done!

Step 10: Attach your Velcro or other closure. *NOTE: I guess if you're using a button, we should back track - before you attached your cardboard pieces, you should probably have sewn on your button. If you're using a magnet, like I did with the vinyl book, you can do what I did (but better) and hide both magnet halves by installing one piece inside your cover, again before you install the cardboard {which I didn't do - I just stuck mine right on the outside of the of the cover} and install the other half inside your closure tab, when you're adhering the two pieces back to back{which I DID do - works pretty awesome}. I used Velcro on this book was there.

Step 11: Decorate as you wish - I attached a stamped image & some pretty heat-embossed paper on the Vinyl book... and I didn't do anything with this one, as it's a gift for a crafty friend - I just sent her a plethora of stamped images I know she doesn't have, so she can embellish it however she wants to!

And... TA DAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! You've got yourself a pretty little (almost) completely handmade notebook to do what you want with... and once you make one, it's pretty darn easy to crank out a bunch!

If you happen to use this tutorial, please link your creation via the Comment Section, and provide a link back to me, so others can enjoy this tutorial as well!

Thanks for sticking around for the whole thing - I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!




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