Thursday, February 4, 2010

I've been busy THE RESULTS:

Check it out - cute little mini activity books - X26 by the time I was done with them all... Pink for the girls, Green for the boys... packaged up with a sucker & 4 mini heart crayons... FUN!

Each book includes:
- 8 X stamped images to colour (PaperWorks Co. - various sets)
- 5 X blank sheets for their own artwork
- 3 X plastic sheets (that you can't see on the far right of the above photo) - chock full of stickers - lots of hearts & kisses!

Wow...did my paper cutter & Bind-it-All ever get their respective workouts for this project!
(each book is 2.75X2.75 - with a 5/16 binding wire)

Apparently, I AM insane!


  1. OMG~!!! You are insane! LOL! You said it, not me! Heehee. When did you have time to make all this! WOW!!!!!! I was going to melt all the crayons, but maybe I should take my BIA out instead.
    Awesome stuff!!!

  2. OMG.. you are one crazy (but loving) mom...

    em will be so happy!
    good work!

  3. oh my goodness...look at them all doen up...i especially love how you used the BIA on them (i have one 2 yrs old and haven't even taken it out of the box!! i think it is time, no?) and how you incorporated stickers in, too! amazing....awesome work! wish i was in emily's class, lol...think anyone would notice me?!!! tfs!! tinla


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