Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yeah.... I was busy. I have a GARGANTUAN bucket of Crayolas that are all virtually brand new... because I have 'New-pack-of-crayons-if-we're-leaving-the-house-itis' - and when you can buy the 24 packs for $0.25 each at Back-to-School time, I go a little crazy stocking up for the year(s) ahead....which means every box that comes home missing a crayon or two gets dumped in The Bucket.

So, thanks to the brilliance of Tinla at PWCO, I decided that little heart shaped crayons will be part of Emily's Valentines this year - along with mini activity books - I'll post them later.

Hopefully no one does the Skittles - you know, 'Taste the rainbow'!



  1. What is going on with you these day? LOL! You are making too many goodies! Heehee.
    You are making me feel guilty. I was going to not make anything for my kids school for the v-day, but after seeing what you've done, I wanna copy these. What a creation! WOW!!!

  2. oh steph, these turned out super!!! i wish you lived at my house;) i actually didn't go through with the idea for my girls...ran out of time...i am so impressed with your crayons!!! and thank you for your kind words, but SCS is where the inspiration came from, lol. TFS!!! Tinla:):)


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