Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend News!

Extra, extra, read all about it!

There are some exciting things happening in the Blogiverse/stamping/mixed media/art world!
FIRST OF ALL: Thanks to everyone who voted for our team, International Ink, in The Greeting Farm's Royal Battle - we've made it to the 5th & final round! Things are switching up this week, though - the projects WILL NOT be shown in the Gallery AND there will only be 24 HOURS TO VOTE - Sunday, a poll will appear in one of the sidebars of the TGF Blog - PLEASE just click over & place your vote (for us!)!!!!!! Let me tell you, Sheena created our project (I'll post photos when I get the go-ahead) for this last round... and she even took Thursday & Friday off work to do so! LOTS of hours went into this project... You should see my email inbox... LOL!

Second - PaperWorks Co has teamed up with Rachelle Anne Miller!! 4 new stamps debuted yesterday; they're high-quality red rubber, mounted on cling cushion, cut & ready to use! (like ALL PWCO stamps are!) You can get your singles here - $7.75CDN and if you're like me & 'need' them all, you can pick up the bundle (4 stamps + 4 sentiments) for $27.75CDN here! And what's even better than that? The Queen of Awesome even gives you back ANOTHER 5% to keep in your Emergency Craft Fund - how great is that?!

Thirdly - The COPY + PASTE PROJECT is currently accepting applications for a guest designer spot for their celebratory blog hop. Should you be accepted, you'll be rubbing virtual shoulders with some very well respected artists - lucky you! Check it out here!

#4thly - Bombshell Stamps is in the midst of their three monthly challenges for April: 1) Sketch challenge by our DT Captain herself, Kathi Rerek! 2) Ms. April, Cheryl Valadez, has issued a NO PATTERNED PAPER challenge - use your Bombshells to make your own! and finally, 3) Our Blog Hop Captain, Chaotic Kas, has inspired us to either think pink, or rock out to some retro 80's! You've still got until Monday to sign up for the Hop; it will take place on Wednesday morning. Wanna reallllly rock it?! Combine all three! (And remember - every comment you leave along the hop garners you an entry into this month's prize does every challenge you enter!)
Cinco, more PWCO! Don't forget to enter Peg's Sunday Sketch challenges! You can find this week's here - and Sunday morning, there will be a new one up!

And lastly - there's still time to enter Gauche Alchemy's first ever monthly inspiration challenge! You can find the deets here!

Have a great weekend, all!!!!!! (And mostly, don't forget to vote!)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Finally - the wait is over! Any guesses on who the new stamp artist is at PWCO?!

I'll give you a hint (or two or three!)... but first:
If you've already began the hop, you should be arriving here from Natalie's loverly blog; if you're just joining me, you better head to the PaperWorks Co. blog to see what all the excitement's about!

And, disclaimer (!!) before any mass confusion errupts: NO, I AM NOT ON THE PWCO DT.
Peggy figured this release was SO huge that she needed a little help from her friends -and boy was she right! Enjoy all the extra visits on this hop! =D
Alright, enough blabbering - let's get to something crafty, eh?!

Our first photo is.... a box. With a mouse... in a cake!

Hmmm, does this image bring any artist in particular's style to mind?

And what is this box for, you ask? Why, to keep puzzles in! (Of course!)

(Dude. Definitely looks better IRL.

The bg is done with Glimmer Mist in Riptide & Smooch Spritz in Emerald Sprinkle, so it's all shimmery & purrrrrty!)

See? A cute little set.

and 4 drawers to house the puzzles in!

(They're there - you just can't see them!)

Have you figured out the new artist yet?

How about one more look at this image?________________________________________

In true Emily fashion, she hijacked what I was working on, and felt she needed to play along, too.

Here's what she's got to say about her card:

"Well, it's very special, because I made it so beautiful & pink. I love all the swirlies and the pretty pink ribbon. My mommy tied the bow for me, but I did everything else by myself. I really like the Cuttlebug - it's my favorite of my mommy's tools! The mouse is pink, because he fell in the pink paint and it won't come off."

{Bear in mind, Emily is 5; don't forget to leave her some love, too! =D}


Any idea who the artist is NOW?

I'll give you another hint: you can find the artist's website HERE - and this person is even Canadian! (WOOT!)

If you can figure out who the new artist is, leave me a comment today to be entered in for some blog candy! (Actually, you can just leave a comment in general, but I wanna know if YOU know!)

Peggy has not only given each one of us along the hop a little somethin'-somethin' to give away, but ONE of us has the entire stamp release up for grabs!
(It's hidden. We have no idea who's got it!)

Your next stop is Lisa C... and the full list is just right down there in case you get lost!


PS - You can pick these AWESOME new rubbers up at PWCO!!! <---Click!

PPS - The List:

Stephanie S
Stephanie J <--- You Are Here! =D


Thursday, April 22, 2010

PaperWorks Co - Big News is Coming!!!

See that PaperWorks Co blinkie over there, in my sidebar?

Read it.

And then remember to come join me for the hop to celebrate PWCO's new release at 9AM MST (that'd be 10AM CST) on the 23rd!!
You don't want to miss this release... it's HUGE!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GA has issued a challenge!

What? No explanations?!
Nope... I guess you'll just have to mosey on over to the GA Blog to find out! And why would you go just for that?
'Cause it's not just for that, silly! Play along, and you could win GA's WHOLEY SHEET KIT! (Wooo hooooo!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

TGF Royal Battle - Week 4!

Thanks for getting us to Week 4, everyone who's voted!!!

This little number was created by
make sure you stop by & leave her some love...
she may even have some more detailed photos of all this yumminess posted for you to ogle!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then here's the deal: The Greeting Farm is in the midst of it's Royal Battle - a 5-week battle-to-the-death (well, not literally) of teams, with some serious rubber as the prize. It started out with 60 teams in the running, and each week, based on the number of votes (comments) received, only so many teams move on to the next round. We are currently one of 14 teams that made it thus far; only 6 will be moving on to Week 5.

PLEASE go vote for us - I'd lurve you forevah'n'EVAH! (Please?!)

In order to vote, if you haven't already, you need to register for The Greeting Farm's Galleria... but don't worry, it's not like you'll ever get any mail from them. =D

Catch y'all on the flip side...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Guess what?!

I (finally) did something crafty! This guy is 5.5" square... and I used PWCO's SS#28 - AND I'm even on time with it! (lol)

This one's extra special, though... check out the inside:

It's got floppy thingers in the middle! (hehehe)

And more of a close-up...

When you open the card, these wiggle all friend Twyla, who remains blogless at this point, is the first person I've seen create a card with this sort of idea... if you are, or you know, the original creator of this idea PLEASE let me know so I can give credit where it's due! =D

Don't forget to play along at PWCO - you've got till Sunday to create & upload, and there's an April PaperCard Kit up for grabs!! (LOVE those kits - this card began life as parts of the February kit!) <--except the acetate.... ;)



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Awards

Wow... Three awards in the last little while! Thanks, chickies!

I received this one - my very first one! - on March 27 from Crystal at Sweet Teetle... Sorry it's taken so long to post this, Crystal!
This is also my second one, from Nicole at Canadian Nickel Scrap'n, received on April 12 (I'm not too behind on this one! LOL)...

Apparently I'm supposed to tell you 10 things about me, and then pass this on to 10 other bloggers... so, here goes:

1) I'm married to my best friend who just so happens to be the hottest guy on the planet... move over, Brad!

2) I'm on the Bombshell Stamps design team - my very first DT ever!

3) I used to teach at Scrapbooking at Shelley's in Brandon, MB.

4) I lived in Mobile, Alabama for two years.

5) I'm very much a Virgo, and will be turning 25 this September 16th.

6) Speaking of my birthday, I've never met anyone that shares my day.

7) Prior to mommy-hood, I enjoyed showing the world just how punky I really was; now I couldn't be bothered to wear anything other than jeans & tshirts. (Still punky on the inside, though!)

8) I have two little girls, Emily (5.5) and Lily (10.5 months). Emily was born shortly after I turned 19, and Lily made her appearance when I was 23.

9) I recently made the Gauche Alchemy design team; in fact, if you head over there and check out Tuesday's post, you can see some pictures of my sexy man and my silly girls.

10) My big brother is 11 years older than me and my little sister is 10 years younger than me.... which means, depending on which set of parents you're reffering to, I'm the oldest, the youngest, and an only child.
And.... let's send this off to some of the other Bombshells:

10) Gabby A <--Once a Bombshell, always a Bombshell!


This one came from the sweet, sweet Cheryl - I seriously {heart} this woman. Apparently this one is to be passed on to 12 others...

10) Rinne
11) Amy Y

There... I think that covers it.
Thanks again, girlies!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey, look!

It's me!

If you've never visited Gauche Alchemy, today would be a great day to do so! All last week, and for the rest of this week, the new additions to the GA Team are being formally introduced; you can find me here! <--click!

Have a great day, all!

PS - Looks like I've got 3 pending blog awards - thanks chickies; I'll get 'em up soon!
PPS - so sorry for the lack-of-crafty!! It'll be back in full-force before you know it!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

TGF Royal Battle - Week 3 - AND - New Candy Winner from GA Blog Hop

Hey All!!

Well.... apparently Sarah LP doesn't want her winnings from my secret hidden candy from the Gauche Alchemy blog hop.
So.... sorry, Sarah, but I drew another name.

contact me at pinkstarcreations (at) hotmail (dot) com with your mailing info
by next Sunday.

Next: Thank you to all who voted us into TGF's Royal Battle Week 3 - How about helping us get to Week 4? There will only be 12 teams moving on from this round, so any and all votes REALLY help!!!!

This is a page created by Tanya Rudd - you can visit her & leave her some love here.

And, you can vote for our team this week here.



Monday, April 5, 2010


SO I decided to have a 'secret' candy drawing from the comments left on my Gauche Girls Open Up hop post.... and the winner is....

Sarah LP!!!

Please contact me with your mailing addy by next Sunday - I don't think I'm going to tell you what you've won. Surprise mail is always fun, when it's not a bunch of bills!! =)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

TGF Royal Battle - Week 2!!

Hey all!

So my team made it to Round 2 in the TGF Royal Battle... thanks to any of you that voted for us!
This week, our entry was created by
Corinne aka Rinne
- the challenge was to make an easel card, and I think she nailed it!

You can visit Corinne & leave her some love here.

And you can vote for us by leaving a comment here!!

Thanks, eh?!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extra, extra, read all about it!! The Gauche Girls Open Up!...

What?! The Gauche Girls?
I promise, this is no April Fool's Day joke!
See, didn't I tell you there was a little somethin'-somethin' going on behind-the-scenes???
Read on:

If you've stopped by the Gauche Alchemy blog today, you'll see that a brand-spanking new team has been announced, and in honor of that, all the Gauche Girls are Opening Up.
How easy are figure out that is!
If you've just popped in to visit me (thanks for coming!), you better hop on back to the GA Blog and follow the links - and see who else is opening up! There are RAKs up for grabs in various places along the hop, so make sure you comment on each Gauche Girl's blog for a chance to win some serious yumminess.
If you have already started on the hop you should have joined me after your rendezvous with my fellow Bombshell hottie, Kas...

So...think you can handle even MORE fun?!
Each of us Gauche Girls has chosen a word that best describes why we're so Gauche! Honey, this is where you need to work it a little!
Here's what you do:
Find all the words and which hoppin' hunny they belong to, then head back to the GA Blog & post a comment with your answers - if you get it right, you get a shot at a kick-ass prize pack from The Head Honchettes themselves! See, it's EASY.

My word is 'explore' - relatively speaking, I'm still a baby, and there is so much out there I haven't experienced. One of my major goals before hitting the big 2-5 this coming September is to seriously branch out in my art ventures... I'm very much a Virgo; organized (cough,*borderline obsessive-compulsive*), linear, analytical, controlling, and I get a little crazy when things get messy, like paint-messy. *eeek*

So...while doing laundry this afternoon, I re-discovered an old mirror that was in the bathroom that used to be where The Mr's 1/3 of the office is now...

And since I figured it wasn't doing much good leaning against the dryer, I broke out the paints I've been hoarding, lots of bling, some rub-ons, a few flowers, some aluminium tape, and the GA Pink Parts kit, and created this:

Damn. Sorry for the crap pictures.

I'll have to try to remember to take some better ones if we get some sun one of these days in the near future.

Anyway, you better shake your tail feathers around the rest of the block, starting with paying a visit to Yvonne, and check out lots more Gauchy Goodness! Way you go, get to know the rest of the team... NOW! (Haha, see? Told you I was controlling....lmao)

Gauche Blog (Heather)
Stephanie <--You are here!!!

ps - for all those who asked: my 'real world stuff' that's been limiting my blog time is all wonderful! Lily's been teething & has cut her first tooth, I've been fooling around with the GA girlies trying to get organized, the weather's been warm despite it being overcast, Emily's on Spring Break...and I was informed that I am to be in a craft & bake sale this coming Saturday, so I've been stealing minutes to create between everything else, and just plain ran out of time & sunshine for photos! (But they're coming. Promise!)