Friday, April 23, 2010


Finally - the wait is over! Any guesses on who the new stamp artist is at PWCO?!

I'll give you a hint (or two or three!)... but first:
If you've already began the hop, you should be arriving here from Natalie's loverly blog; if you're just joining me, you better head to the PaperWorks Co. blog to see what all the excitement's about!

And, disclaimer (!!) before any mass confusion errupts: NO, I AM NOT ON THE PWCO DT.
Peggy figured this release was SO huge that she needed a little help from her friends -and boy was she right! Enjoy all the extra visits on this hop! =D
Alright, enough blabbering - let's get to something crafty, eh?!

Our first photo is.... a box. With a mouse... in a cake!

Hmmm, does this image bring any artist in particular's style to mind?

And what is this box for, you ask? Why, to keep puzzles in! (Of course!)

(Dude. Definitely looks better IRL.

The bg is done with Glimmer Mist in Riptide & Smooch Spritz in Emerald Sprinkle, so it's all shimmery & purrrrrty!)

See? A cute little set.

and 4 drawers to house the puzzles in!

(They're there - you just can't see them!)

Have you figured out the new artist yet?

How about one more look at this image?________________________________________

In true Emily fashion, she hijacked what I was working on, and felt she needed to play along, too.

Here's what she's got to say about her card:

"Well, it's very special, because I made it so beautiful & pink. I love all the swirlies and the pretty pink ribbon. My mommy tied the bow for me, but I did everything else by myself. I really like the Cuttlebug - it's my favorite of my mommy's tools! The mouse is pink, because he fell in the pink paint and it won't come off."

{Bear in mind, Emily is 5; don't forget to leave her some love, too! =D}


Any idea who the artist is NOW?

I'll give you another hint: you can find the artist's website HERE - and this person is even Canadian! (WOOT!)

If you can figure out who the new artist is, leave me a comment today to be entered in for some blog candy! (Actually, you can just leave a comment in general, but I wanna know if YOU know!)

Peggy has not only given each one of us along the hop a little somethin'-somethin' to give away, but ONE of us has the entire stamp release up for grabs!
(It's hidden. We have no idea who's got it!)

Your next stop is Lisa C... and the full list is just right down there in case you get lost!


PS - You can pick these AWESOME new rubbers up at PWCO!!! <---Click!

PPS - The List:

Stephanie S
Stephanie J <--- You Are Here! =D



  1. I adore your card and your puzzle is awesome! I like your coloring! And wow, your daughter's card is so cute! Hehe, I love that he's pink!!

  2. Super cute card and the puzzle is adorable too!

  3. cool! love the puzzle - very appropriate for this release! TFS!

  4. the puzzle is adorable complimenti
    per le tue idee
    saluti dall'italia
    seguo con blog hop

  5. How amazing is this!! I LOVE the black and teal contrast for the box and what a terrific idea making the puzzle! That card is really cute too :)

  6. LOVE your puzzle Stephanie - wow!! The box you made for it is gorgeous and love that you've made something so unique!!
    Hugs, Danielle

  7. Great idea to do a puzzle! So fun!

  8. LOVE the puzzle. So creative:)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Brilliant work! That puzzle is such a fabulous idea. However, I think Emily's project really takes the beauty cake =) Great job, ladies!

  10. You ROCK Stephanie. Love what you did making the puzzle.

  11. Oh what a great idea the puzzle, very creative!

  12. Great idea to make a puzzle! Very cute creations!!

  13. ohhh.. tell ms em her card ROCKS! i love it..

    ahh recruiting the future DT member at the tender age of 5 ;)

  14. Hi Emily, I agree the cuttlebug is my favorite tool too! Love your pink mouse, your card is awesome!
    Tell your Mom her project was pretty cool too!!!!

  15. Emily, what a beautiful card! You are going tobe one talented girl when you get older!

    What agreat idea for a box! Super clever!

  16. OMG! she is too cute your daughter! your project is really cool and i bet all that glimmer mist makes it real nice IRL. the card is very pretty also!

  17. She did a great job with these images. And that puzzle is adorable!

  18. Wonderful color combo and the puzzle is to die for!
    The pink card with the poor painted mouse is soooo adorable. She did an amazing job!

  19. Wow! What an awesome idea. I bet Emily is going to love putting those puzzles together. LOVE the bling. Emily's card is so gorgeous. I like pink mice:)

  20. Stephanie you did a fantastic job. Love your box and puzzle. I love playing with glimmer mist and bling things too. Great work.

    Emily your card is so wonderful and PINK (I LOVE PINK!!!) I love my cuttlebug too. I don't think I make a card without it. Great work you two!! Can't wait to see your next creations.

  21. Lovin your cards! FAB job and yummy candy!

  22. Stephanie, the box and puzzle are so magnificent! What an amazing project!

    Emily, all mice should be pink ;D You card is so beautiful! You are a true artist in the making :)

    Hugz to both of you! Cheryl

  23. What a clever idea! I might just have to case that one :) And Emily ~ your card is outstanding! Just beautiful..

  24. 5, your daughter created that card--WOW!! Love the puzzle idea too. Emily, the cuttlebug is my favorite tool too:)

  25. Such cute images!! Love how you did the puzzle ~ that is so cute!!
    Thanks for the sneak peeks!

  26. Awesome use of the puzzle pieces! And to put them into a little box like that - very clever.

    And Emily's card - what can I say. Pink and Swirly - perfectly girlie!

  27. It's Rachelle!
    And I LOVE the pink mouse!

  28. a puzzle box for puzzles! well done, stephanie!! i love it!!! perfect for emily!!! the ram images are perfect for puzzles:):)

    emily; your card is so adorable! i love pink mice (my girls colour their mice pink, too!) and i use my CB all the time too! you can come and play at our house any time! great job on the card, emily! tfs and keep on creating!!!

  29. I love the puzzle idea with a matching box, great work!

  30. To cute for words. Love the puzzle. Your colors aree fabulous.

  31. The puzzle idea is so cute.

    Emily's card is fabulous. DS wants Emily to know that the mouse is a baby. Baby is very happy. (He's 2)

  32. I'm so excited about these new RAM images! I love your idea for the puzzles. Emily's card is adorable, love the little pink mouse and the embossed background.

  33. SO cute! Emily did a great job too - like mother, like daughter... :)

  34. OH my goodness! Great puzzle! Wonderful work :D

  35. Cute card! Your daughter did an amazing job too!! Love the puzzle idea - I've had a puzzle Cbug die for a couple of years now that I just *had* to have and have never used.

  36. Love the box ~ and the puzzle idea is great!

    Your daughter card fantastic ~ if she is doing that at 5, just imagine what she'll be making in a few years....

  37. holy cow!!! HOw cute are those!!! WOW!!! And tell Emily that I loved her card more than her mommy's, heehee. SEriously, she has a kick-ass coloring skill!

  38. How cute! Love the matching puzzle and box idea.

  39. Great job Emily! I like the Cuttlebug too! Tell your Mom she did a great job making those puzzles and the box to hold them too! :) And that the artist is Rachelle Ann Miller...silly mommy!

  40. Ohh beautiful projects, I love the puzzles card, thank you for the inspiration.

  41. Rachelle!
    Great job on everything. I love the idea of the puzzle.
    Emily, great work on the card!! I hope the mouse can get the pink paint off! I love how you did the balloons =)

  42. hehehe..cuteness!! the designer is Rachel Ann Miller.


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