Friday, January 29, 2010

Bombshell Notebook

Holy Bombshell, Batman!

Obviously, I've been on a Bombshell roll - gearing up for my stint as Ms. February! This is just a composition notebook that I altered in about 10 minutes. The cover was already the B&W checkerboard print, and I already had most of the image panel done from an impromptu class I taught to my sister-in-law & her friends back in...October? Anyway, all I did was add the bottom shimmery aqua mat, and the 'Bombshell' tag, and then slap it on the cover of the book.

Ta-daaaa! Easy.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

TGF CHA Relay - Day 4

Yeah, so I know it's over due to technical difficulties - thanks, btw, to all who were helping while Marie & Jess were away - but... I'm slipping in a last-minute card with Prince Ian... because I can! (HA! So there!)

You can still get Prince Ian HERE free...enjoy.

What the Girls Have Been Up To...

There have been some busy girls in my house....
This card was made for Grandma Suzy's birthday (Grandma Suzy used to be a SCUBA instructor & shop owner, hence Ariel).... Another Emily-on-her-own creation, except for where mommy helped with the heat embossing of the image panel.
Emily made this one for her friend Georgia's birthday, using PaperWorks Co Aqua Amigos set - except they are now the Aqua AmigAs... thanks to the shiny stars in their 'hair'. The photograph was also taken by the artiste herself.

This would be a bouncing Lily... I tell ya, that Baby Einstein jumper was sure a good investment!

Annnnndddddd....there's a Fudgee-O monster in this house (besides me!) - Lily was quite enjoying her half of the chocolate cookie - and then I disappeared for 3 hours over to the neighbour's house (unintentionally - I went to pick Emily up) and left poor Scotty with the mess below to clean up!

Ahhhhhh, happy girls!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bombshell's January Hump Day Hop!

Hey all,
We at Bombshell have decided to quit the weekly DT-Only Hump Day Hops.... but not to worry - we've switched to a monthly-everyone-welcome Hump Day Hop instead! (YAY!)

Check out the info here.

Anyway, my Alter-native Medicine project is this plastic intended-to-be-photo-storage case, which not only received a little Bombshell love, but also is now doubling as a gift package. (And now, Mr. Roboto by Styx is playing in my mind....'secret, secret, I've got a secret....')

That's it from me, Ladies & go check out what the other Bombshells have done!












Miss Magoo


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Greeting Farm - CHA Relay Day 3

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 4... AND the Bombshell Blog Hop!


Monday, January 25, 2010

PWCO Sunday Sketch and TGF CHA Relay Day 2

Yeah....I meant to have this posted MUCH earlier, however I didn't get the digi till after noon (thank you Mercy, btw - what a huge job you've taken on for the week!). You can't see it, but the black bg is embossed with the folder from the CB Love Language set (tiny hearts)... Oh, and there's glaze on the hearts on the PP & all gold on Charlotte is glittery, as is her hair. (Thanks, Spica Pens!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Greeting Farm - CHA Relay Day 1

So...the title says it all. Check out The Greeting Farm for the free digi today - participate in each event & earn up to 5 free digis! (One per day, if all events are completed by 6pm CST the day of.)

My entry...not sure why all of a sudden the colours are crappy - they look right in the TGF Galleria... Weird.

I fought the urge for sparkle....opted for a few pearls in the flower centres instead (which, btw, are Basic Grey Opaline Half Pearls in Grass & Ivy).


Friday, January 22, 2010

Bombshell Friday

Hey all,

Here's my answer to Ms. January's Valentine Challenge happening over at Bombshell Stamps.

Very, very, very blingy.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

To A Deer Friend...

Hey all,

This is part of a little gift package I made for the Post Master in Antler, ND. You see, we got ourselves a US Post Office Box, since it's only about 30 minutes away, and it saves SO MUCH on shipping costs when ordering stuff online! Anyway, the point is, I really like Ms. Post Master, so I just wanted to have something to bring her the next time we go down, just because.

The whole 'Deer' thing is partly because she's in Antler... corny, but cute. And, a good excuse to use this set by The Greeting Farm!

I made this matching box to hold the set of 4 glass coasters that I heat embossed the deer on the back of.

The Coasters - One each in Silver, White, Black & Copper....

You know, these coasters were some silly price (like $0.75 for the set) on clearance...glad I stocked up!

(In case you were wondering, the rest of the package contains a pretty Irish coffee mug and a jar of homemade hot chocolate mix...maybe I'll post those after I package them up.)

Well, that's it for today.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bombshell January Sketch Challenge

Hey all,

This is my entry for the January Sketch Challenge happening over at Bombshell stamps:

I know it's SUPER bling-heavy...but I had fun, and I suppose that's all that really matters. It also fits Ms. January's Valentine Challenge, but I have another card to use for that (I'll post it later). I did the inside of this one, as well - thanks Nicole, for the inspiration to stop being lazy and actually do this - I think I'm starting to like it!

That's all, folks.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PaperWorks Co. Sunday Sketch #16

Hey all,

Here's that crafty post I promised. I used PWCO Sunday Sketch #16 for this card, along with the PWCO January PaperCard Kit and Charlotte's Valentine (which I won, along with some awesome Bo Bunny Persuasion papers during PWCO's last stamp release party!).

Brown is not a colour I use much of, and peach...well, let's just say it's not my favorite. I had to use these colours though - the My Mind's Eye paper (Be Loved) in the January kit is just so pretty, and I had to coordinate. See the pretty brown polka dot pieces? That's actually part of the MME logo label across the bottom of the diecut sheet. (What?! I was being un-wasteful!) And under the dew drops are the circles from the middle of the loops on one of the diecut borders... also supposed to be garbage, but it saved me having to punch them myself and use even more paper! <--this is the only kit I've actually used anything out of - I have kits from every month from August to January, and I am seriously hoarding them all... so, a New Year's resolution of mine is to use my PaperCard Kits for the PWCO Sunday Sketches as much as possible! (Yeah, right - we'll see if that actually happens.....)

And for once, I actually did the inside, too. Nothing elaborate...just a little strip of scrap leftover from the front, along with a diecut heart from the kit. The sentiment reads: "All you need is love!" You can find that in the Freckle Love Collection, too.

(Those, by the way, are funny little baby ever try taking photographs with one hand and a 7.5 month old in the other? LOL, it's tricky.)

Hopefully you'll play along with us at PWCO this week...


Just popping in....

to say that I haven't disappeared again; I've been busy, busy, busy crafting away, which means I can schedule a whole bunch of posts for the next little while.... and I'll be back sometime today with a crafty post, too! YAY!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2nd Post - Mojo Monday 120

Yep, for the "I-am-still-alive-really-long-update" see the previous post.

On to something fun:
This is courtesy of the Mojo Monday Sketch #120... Since Mon Pere is a pilot, I thought Snoopy fit the bill...and I realize that Snoopy's plane should be red, however...I was in a blue mood. So there! :pNote to self: Deciding AFTERWARD that you need a sentiment SHOULD result in a new piece being cut, stamped, and THEN Cuttlebugged...however, I already had eveything together, so the stamp slipped on one of the Swiss Dots...hence, the smudgy look. Also - Dew Drops melt. Kind of produces a cool effect; they've all mushed together...but not what I was going for this time. Oops. On a positive note - this card was done entirely with pieces from the Scrap Bags. I finally sorted my scrap stash & have now separated everything by colour. Cool.

Project Info:
Stamps: Image - Stampabilities - 'Snoopy Flying High'
Sentiment - Hot Off The Press - 'Tiny Words & Images'
Paper: All scraps
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Colorbox Black
Copics: Sky - B000
Snoopy - C00
Plane Body & Wings- B21, 23, 24, 26, 28
Plane Nose: N1, 3, 5
Plane Struts & Wheel Legs: N3, 5, 7
Wheel: N7, 9
Hat: E42
Goggles: E44
Scarf: R27
Misc.: Silver embossing powder, Cuttlebug (Swiss Dots, D'vine Swirls), Nestabilities Circles & Scallop Circles, clear mini dew drops/skittles/whatever you want to call them, Martha Doily Lace Border Punch

Here's Emily's card... for the record, when Emily (5) makes cards, she actually does do everything completely on her own (I'll make note of it if there's anything I help her with). Her image is also stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black, and coloured with various Copics.Have a great day & thanks for looking!


Steph (and Emily!)



Since it's been so long since I've blogged, this will be a long to be nice, I'm going to separate everything into a few sections... read only what you care to!

Life (read: house):
We're finally moved & more-or-less settled into the new old house. The renos are pretty much complete, with a few minor tasks to finish up - like flooring in the bedrooms & loft, the railing for the loft, a couple coats of Verathane on three doors, and painting the back porch. There are, of course, some touch-ups to do on some walls around here, too...but that's not exactly a priority! We officially moved in November 15, 2009 - exactly 8 months after the renos began. I was doing really well getting things sorted & stashed, but then when my grandfather was moved into a care home, we wound up with a whole bunch of his stuff as at the moment, most of it is in the basement, waiting for me to find it a home. I still have the loft to set up as well...which is a huge, daunting job, as there are about 20 years worth of toys that I need to go through. In the case of 'sentimental value' there are many things that were mine that it sort of breaks my heart to find a new home for... but on the logical side of things, most of that stuff, and most of Emily's stuff hasn't been seen or played with since the renos began... and since Emily doesn't even seem to miss any of it, is there a point to keep it? So...I think it's all going to stay packed for the time being...and when the weather is nicer, I'll go through it all & sort it into sell/donate/toss/keep piles. Maybe my mommy will help me with that project... we'll see. What else is happening in Life these days?

Emily went back to school this past Monday, after being off since December 17th. So far, so good... she's doing awesome with her reading & writing, although sometimes she decides that she's going to be different and writes words backwards - like, mirror image backwards. I don't think I can even do that, without some serious thought...but it's no problem for her. Worried about dyslexia? I'm not. When she does this, it's completely intentional... like how some people are ambidextrous. Kind of cool, actually. On another note, the poor kid didn't have much of a 5th least, in my eyes. My grandfather had a stroke shortly before her birthday (which was Oct. 24, btw) and so, we wound up spending the weekend (and a good chunk of the following week) in Portage at the Super 8, with my dad & step-mom, brother and sister (and their families). At least with other kids around, Emily was quite content in thinking that was her party - we did spend the eve of her birthday in the pool, and had cake in the room afterwards... Scotty wasn't there, and Emily certainly missed him.... but in the end, it was all pretty cool, since we only see that side of the family maybe once a year. (Background info: We're talking half-brother & sister; 8-ish & 11 years older than me.) As for Christmas, Emily was spoiled again...and even wound up with a Wii from Scott's parents. Cool, for the whole family.

Oh, Lily....what a girl. She's 7 months old now, and as silly as ever. For some reason, she growls. A lot. I can honestly say, I've never heard a baby make the sounds this one is capable of... and it's funny - till she wakes up at 4AM and the growling heard through the monitor is what wakes you up - scary sometimes! LOL! She's rolling over (and over, and over) and sitting on her own...she's got a (very) healthy appetite, and is determined that if I'm eating something, she should be, too...she loves seeing people, and always has a huge smile for everyone she meets...and she is definitely a mommy's girl (LOVIN' that!). Yesterday, when she was playing on the floor, she was getting her knees under her and getting into a crawling position... it would only last about three seconds before she fell, but she kept on trying... Scary to think that it won't be long now till she's in full motion! (YIKES!)

Not much to update there. Still hot. Still sweet. Still my favorite man and my best friend.

I haven't been up to much besides moving/sorting/placing/mothering/sorting/placing/cooking/sorting - see a pattern here?... I did, however, REALLY enjoy New Year's Eve - went to a party with The Mr. - found out my favorite airplane mechanic got himself engaged over the holidays (SO excited for you, Mikey!) - and was told a whole bunch at the party how great I looked... Yeah, I'm a Virgo. I'm SUPPOSED to be vain! LOL! Weighed myself when I got home... looks like I'm down to 135Lbs, from 182Lbs (right before Lily was born) - for not consciously doing anything, I'm pretty proud of myself - that's my pre-pregnancy weight! lose the last 20Lbs... I was 115 when I met Scott... You know, I'd be happy with even just losing 10 more Lbs. Let's put it this way....if it happens, cool. If it doesn't... well, I'm not going to stress over it! As for my happiness level: I'd say I'm at a 9.5/10. Once the clutter is completely un-cluttered, I will be at a 10! Life is good at the moment - there is nothing to covet, nothing to need, nothing to ask for that can't be taken care of by yours truly. I wish this feeling upon the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally, what you probably actually came here to read about:

I have finally been able to start crafting again! Monday, I created Dad's birthday card. (See Next Post) Tuesday, the girls & I drove down to Antler, ND to mail it. That evening, I created my step-mom's birthday card... that'll get mailed on the next trip to Antler - and I'll show it to you guys sometime this week. I have a few more things on my creative to-do list, but I figure if I can get done a card/day (life permitting), I'll be on a roll. So far, mission accomplished!

So - there you have it folks. Life is back to as normal as ever...and let me tell you, I am happy to see 2010!