Thursday, January 28, 2010

What the Girls Have Been Up To...

There have been some busy girls in my house....
This card was made for Grandma Suzy's birthday (Grandma Suzy used to be a SCUBA instructor & shop owner, hence Ariel).... Another Emily-on-her-own creation, except for where mommy helped with the heat embossing of the image panel.
Emily made this one for her friend Georgia's birthday, using PaperWorks Co Aqua Amigos set - except they are now the Aqua AmigAs... thanks to the shiny stars in their 'hair'. The photograph was also taken by the artiste herself.

This would be a bouncing Lily... I tell ya, that Baby Einstein jumper was sure a good investment!

Annnnndddddd....there's a Fudgee-O monster in this house (besides me!) - Lily was quite enjoying her half of the chocolate cookie - and then I disappeared for 3 hours over to the neighbour's house (unintentionally - I went to pick Emily up) and left poor Scotty with the mess below to clean up!

Ahhhhhh, happy girls!


  1. I just love messy babies--especially when they aren't mine. LOL She's such a cutie and it seems that your oldest is taking after you!

  2. oh em.. she's such an artiste! - just like mommy!

    just checking in to say hiya!

  3. Oooh. Talent runs in the family.

    Your little one is sooo cute and a future chocoholic!

    Smart of you to leave clean up to your dh.


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