Sunday, February 28, 2010


2 hours left to get in the Blog Candy draw...
Honestly, I didn't expect such a huge outcome from this, so truly thank you to every one who has entered, and especially to those who have spread the word, and become followers - and thank you to those that already were to begin with!
I'll be here when I wake up & get my bigger little one off to school (and have a cup of coffee - lol) with a winner! (+ 7-ish!)

Happy Love Day!

In honour of Love Day, I'd like to share a few of the things I love most...

In that pile, you'll find:

- A plethora of 6x6 papers that make me smile...some are DCWV, some are Autumn Leaves/Paperabilities, some are Me & My Big Ideas, and some are unknown...all are from various stacks in my stash, and all are loved by me - and that pile is 5.5 inches high!

- 4 pretty little spice jars packed full of various flowers, buttons, baubles, ribbons and trims...

- A set of 4 glass coasters to leave as is, or alter as you see fit...

- 2 SU! Skinny Silver Tins...

- 2 packs of adhesive rhinestones in my most favorite colours (hot pink & teal)

- 1 pack of mixed colour adhesive half-pearls

AND...STAMPS!!!! In the photo, you'll find 4 (all new):

- 'Changito Love Balloon' by Stampendous!

- 'Charlotte's Valentine' by Little Loud Stamps (found at PaperWorks Co.)

- 'Savannah' by The Greeting Farm

- 'XOXO' clear stamp by Imaginisce

And, even though it's not in the photo, I can't leave out my beloved Bombshells! I'll be putting in at least one set of the lovelies...but it could be two. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite! That's it! Maybe... or maybe not. Depends on what else I may or may not find before this is over!!!!

So what do I want from you? This:

1. Leave me a comment (let me know you want to be entered)

2. Spread the word, if you can (a post and/or sidebar link would be nice)

3. Feel free to 'follow' me if you are actually interested in this blog. Don't follow me just 'cause you want the goodies - BUT followers will get an extra entry because I {heart} ya!

So there ya go - a quick shot at 3 easy entries! I might draw randomly... I might put the names in a hat & let Emily pick...I haven't decided yet.

This candy will be open until 11:59 PM CST on February 28; I'll post the winner by noon March 1st.

Good Luck, and Happy Love Day!


ETA: I have also added the following:

- 'September Rythym' by Sweet Pea Stamps (because I'm a Sept. baby!)

- 'Forest Blue' by Sweet Pea Stamps (because I think she's beautiful!)

- 'Mermaid Treasure' by Bombshell Stamps (because I love her, and her accessories are awesome!!)

ETA (again - 2/23): I'm adding MORE!

- Pink Parts found object kit by Gauche Alchemy

- another jar of ribbons...

ETA (AGAIN! 2/25): WOOOO HOOOO! I'm at 120+ Followers! I think at this point, I'm going to choose an additonal 6 names at random, after the big drawing, to each win a little something as well! (And for every 20 followers after that, I'll pull another name.)

Thanks, Everyone!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday, February 26

I'm taking tomorrow 'off' from blogging.
See you on Monday with a new month - and some winners!!!!

Thinking of You... again.

(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my blog candy here!)

More from the Orange series... Never have I used this much orange. Must be time to break up the monotony of winter!



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, Alice! Challenge #1 - Glam It Up!

(If you haven't yet, be sure to enter my blog candy here!)

So I finally got my entry made for the the very first ever Oh, Alice challenge. I have to say, again, that it's not my favorite. I had the image coloured (and I DO love it) however, once it was done, I had no idea what to do with it! All that shimmer you see isn't really that chunky and weird looking; it's Spica pen, so IRL its very subtle. Lots of shimmer & shine on this one... and if you're wondering how this is related at all to the inspiration piece, it's all about the caterpillar.

And yes, I know I already posted this as part of the Bombshell Hump Day Hop, but instead of overloading that post, I'm just reposting this here. It's glam, it's blue (Alice's dress is the inspiration there) and black (the makeup case is where that's from). And, it follows PaperWorks Co's Sunday Sketch #21. In case you didn't see/aren't planning on looking at the Hop post, the deets are:

silver tin, painted with acylic paint; Doodlebug Sugar Coating glitter sprinkled on when the paint was still wet; old BoBunny paper - I think I bought something like 20 sheets each of the pink, blue & green designs, because I love them so much (I will definitely cry when I run out); Bombshell's Mermaid Treasure set; and blue rhinestones.

Can't hardly wait for the next Alice challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

Bombshell February Hop!

(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my blog candy here!)
Welcome to the February Bombshell Hump Day Hop! The challenge for this month was

'Momma Said Knock You OUT'!

Ms. InkyButton wanted us to break out our punches and/or Nesties this month, so here's what I came up with:

This actually uses an old PaperWorks Co. Sunday Sketch (#20), where we were to focus on frames. I used my rectangle Nesties to create the frame out of Chocolate Chip cardstock, and then stamped on that with the SU! Sanded background stamp and Chocolate Chip ink. That whole piece is popped up from the base of the card, and the frame itself is popped up from the image, also. I threw in a piece of acetate, to mimick the look of the plate of glass that normally accompanies a framed piece of art. Throw all that on top of some wallpaper-y looking background paper, along with a gold brad & some gold twine, and you've got yourself a framed image on Grandma's wall...which, btw, will be used for my mil's birthday card this year. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that pretty little bird & banner are from the 'Til Death set.

And since I've decided I really, really, really am not happy with this card, check back around 9am CST - it's midnight now, I'm in the middle of a way cooler project, and I'll add it in the morning, once there's sunlight! (All the better to photograph you with, my dear...muahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.....)

ETA: Here's the new project - this time we're using PWCO's Sunday Sketch #21 (the current one) and Bombshell's Mermaid Treasure set - the same set that is in my blog candy. (Not THE one in the, that one is brand spankin' new)

It's a little SU! skinny silver tin (also like in the candy); I bought something like 50 of the suckers, so it's time to get using them! I painted it with two coats of acrylic paint, and while the second coat was still wet, I sprinkled on some Doodlebug Sugar Coating glitter that was the same blue. Then I PUNCHED two 2" circles and one 2.5" circle, coloured & cut out my mermaid & attached everything with Tacky Tape (yum!). And of course, I couldn't forget the bling!

Now - go check out what the rest of the Bombshell DT & everyone else that joined in have been up to!















Steph <---That's me!








Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a Quickie & a FAQ! (lol - say it out loud - that sounds terrible!)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone who's entered my blog candy so far, and to everyone who's gone on to post about it somewhere - I have to admit, the response to date is actually bigger than what I was expecting - I'm so excited!

I also wanted to answer a couple of questions that were asked in the comments; I tried to go & personally respond to them, but a couple of people don't seem to have blogs or any 'public' way to contact

Q: Is this an International Candy?

A: Yep, sure is!

Q: Do you scrapbook, too?

A: Nope; I really SHOULD, but I'm too lazy. Cards & 3-D projects are way more 'instantantly gratifying' - and 90% of the time, anything I make is for someone. I like to craft with a!

And...that's it so far - if there are any more questions that need to be answered, I'll just add them to this post.

Thanks again, and BIG HUGS TO EVERYONE!!!!


(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my blog candy here!)

"Thank You" for Scotty's aunt... she gave Lily the CUTEST outfit the other day... Very bright & fun. Check out my little butterfly button - I was just fooling around, and it sort of 'happened'. Love it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thinking of You...

(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my blog candy here!)

Super quick 'Thinking of You' card for my grandfather... he had a stroke back in October, and is now living in a personal care home... 3 hours from here. His mind is gone; he's back in WWII... It's hard to go see him, when he doesn't remember me. He won't know who this is from, but maybe it will at least make him smile!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I Vent Here For A Minute?

Of course I can - it's my blog!

What's my problem?!


Seriously. I am completely irate that this man has been forced to apologize to anyone other than his wife and his children!!!! The whole freakin' ordeal is about his relationship with his wife & kids (or lack thereof) - who gives a damn about his fans, the media, and his employees?!?!?! The man slept with a few (dozen) women - ALL of whom were apparently willing participants! He did not rape, beat, murder, or physically harm anyone... he did, however, mentally and emotionally hurt his wife and children. In my opinion, he should be making one hell of an effort to apologize to & repair his relationship with his wife and kids - and every single one of the women he slept with should be apologizing to Elin & the kids, too!

And then, since I'm going to run under the assumption that every woman he slept with is also rich, every single one of them should be forced to make a donation to a selection of orphanages. Why? Because those kids have no parents at all, and because Tiger & his friends have most likely now destroyed a once happy, loving home for nothing. I know, you probably can't follow my logic, but it makes sense to me. (If you willingly destroy a happy home, you should be forced to help out people that haven't had a chance at a home at all!)

UGH! How selfish has society become?! It's not about US - it's his family.

And please, let's not get me started on the waste that is known as 'professional' sports - and despite the fact that Olympic participants are supposedly amateurs, know that I class them in the same category.


Ok - I think I'm done now. Please resume your life as it was 5 minutes ago.


(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my blog candy here!)

Quick little Thank You... this card has started an infusion of Orange, Pink & Yellow in my craft room... You'll get to see it all over the next couple days... and the best part? It all came out of the scrap bins!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Emily's Valentine...

(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my blog candy here!)

So I guess this is a little after the fact...oh well. This is actually very shimmery - there were Spica pens used all over the place. I whipped this up in 20 minutes (took longer to colour than to do anything else - already had the image & paper printed!) Friday morning, so she'd have a valentine in her lunch - I had already made a series of 3x3 notes to put in her lunch every school day in Feb, but had some spare time that morning, so I decided to make her something bigger for the party (at school).
Pixie Pie Catching Hearts - Pixie Dust Studio

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diedrich Dare #23

(If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my candy located here!)
So The Great Randi is hostessing the challenge over at the Whimsical Wednesday challenge blog this week, and is therefore to blame for this offering. It's a tribute to her work, but obviously, it's done my way (and doesn't come anywhere near the grandness of hers!).
The challenge was to use Light Olive/Avocado, Hot Pink/Raspberry, Pink/Rose and Sky Blue/Light Aqua... so I did - {pink in the pearls, seaweed & her tail; olive on her tail, in the seaweed & pearls; blue along the bottom, in the seaweed, the pearls, & the flower in her hair; and last but not least, hot pink for her hair, in the seaweed & the pearls} . And since I have no Glimmer Mist (oh, how I covet thee...) I just painted the whole freakin' front with Angel Wings Shimmerz. And that glittery blue streak on the bottom? It's this funky Elmer's Glitter Paint Art Glaze stuff that I found in the kids crafts/office section at Zellers. Fun! Oh, and of course, pearls. Always pearls with my pretty Bombshell Mermaid!


So this is what the front end of a 2001 Chevy Cavalier looks like after a fight with a deer.... neither one survived. On the plus side, no humans were injured.

Doesn't look too bad...til you see just how smooshed the hood is... Good thing I was only up to about50 mph and was able to slow down fairly quickly... As I watched the deer fly through the air, I was rather concerned that it would try to land in my lap.
I may or may not be back with a crafty post later...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bombshell Nose Art

Ok, so the photos suck, but I had what I feel to be a stroke of genius the other night - just in time to add to Scotty's Valentine's Day present.

I used Cherry Bomb again (IMO, she's the most versatile...but what do I know?) and the 'No Regrets' banner from the Girl's Ruin set... a little bit of Glossy Accent for the circle, with the intention of having it look shiny like paint - I would have used paint, except my paint is still in Brandon, and I didn't really want to drive 3 hours for paint. Maybe I'll redo that part later... Oh, and the 'metal' is tinfoil. The rivet lines are made with a CutterBee pokey thingy that I found in one of my desk drawers... I don't even remember buying it!

It's not totally done, because I'm going to build a frame for it...but thanks to the snow, I can't get to the garage. It'll just have to wait; I'll re-post this in the spring sometime, when I can complete it.
(As an aside, it's done to look like it's a piece of the aircraft, torn from the nose area, where the Nose Art would have typically appeared.)

PS - Don't forget about the blog candy!
PPS - Don't let the giant devil face in the Cherry Bomb set scare you off - check out Nicole's use of him here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

PWCO Sunday Sketch #19

Well, I had this posted to the PWCO Gallery in the nick of time yesterday...and now you get to see it here. I think I'll add some bling in the bottom corners.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

PTI 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Day 13

Today's challenge: create a floral embellishment, a card using said embellie, AND make 4-6 more of said embellie & make your own embellie sheet.

Here's mine:

The colours look like crap, since the light is terrible - it's snowing like crazy here and it's a very dull day... which would be why I was using hot pink & bright orange - yay for summer colours! (Oh, and that's a kraft base.)



Finally - A Tutorial... How To Make A Notebook - Part 3

Alrighty folks... get through these final steps, and....we're done!

Step 10: Attach your Velcro or other closure. *NOTE: I guess if you're using a button, we should back track - before you attached your cardboard pieces, you should probably have sewn on your button. If you're using a magnet, like I did with the vinyl book, you can do what I did (but better) and hide both magnet halves by installing one piece inside your cover, again before you install the cardboard {which I didn't do - I just stuck mine right on the outside of the of the cover} and install the other half inside your closure tab, when you're adhering the two pieces back to back{which I DID do - works pretty awesome}. I used Velcro on this book was there.

Step 11: Decorate as you wish - I attached a stamped image & some pretty heat-embossed paper on the Vinyl book... and I didn't do anything with this one, as it's a gift for a crafty friend - I just sent her a plethora of stamped images I know she doesn't have, so she can embellish it however she wants to!

And... TA DAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! You've got yourself a pretty little (almost) completely handmade notebook to do what you want with... and once you make one, it's pretty darn easy to crank out a bunch!

If you happen to use this tutorial, please link your creation via the Comment Section, and provide a link back to me, so others can enjoy this tutorial as well!

Thanks for sticking around for the whole thing - I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!



Friday, February 12, 2010

PTI 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Project Origami honour of the release of Asian Fusion, Nichole has challenged us to use Origami in our work...and here's my take:

I used the tutorial found here and used 12x12 paper, as well. Add in some adhesive in all the right spots, just for a little extra solidity, and there you have it. This makes a pretty fair sized box; it measures 3 inches high X 3 inches deep x 6 inches wide.


Finally - A Tutorial... How To Make A Notebook - Part 2

Ready for Part 2? Here we go...

Step 5: Cut slits on either side of your spine, just to where your cover begins, on both the top & bottom. This edge will be folded in later on, just to keep a clean edge and to prevent fraying.
Step 6: Put Tacky Tape around the 3 outside edges of your covers, then tightly fold over the edges of your fabric - again, it doesn't need to be pretty because it will be covered - but it does need to be flat!
Step 7: Put more Tacky Tape over your edges, as well as both inside edges. *If you haven't already, make your closure at this time - I used the SU! Keytag Punch & punched two pieces of fabric, as well as two pieces of scrap cardstock. Then I backed the fabric pieces with the cardstock pieces (adhering with an even coverage of Tacky Tape) and then stuck the two pieces together, back to back (again, with Tacky Tape). (You can't see my closure here, as I forgot about it....Don't forget yours, as it's a pain in the ass to slip it in after you have the lining in place!)

Step 8: Unpeel the liner on your tape (except for the spine piece) and place your closure - I like mine more-or-less centered, coming from the back to the front. After you like your placement, add another small piece of tacky tape over top of the closure (again, maybe not necessary, but I like to be sure it's not coming out!) and then place your interior cover pieces over top of everything. I like to use white cardstock (or in the case of the vinyl book, just the white side of extra index cards) because I think it looks more 'professional' - you can use whatever you want. I trimmed these pieces down just a hair smaller than the actual covers; that's optional, if you're feeling lazy.

Step 9: NOW you can unpeel the liner on your spine. Fold over both ends and place a little smidge more of your Tacky Tape over top.

Step 10: Place your notepads or stack of Index Cards on your spine and press FIRMLY! This is how your pages are going to stay in your cover. If you're using Index Cards, this will basically act the same as the glue does on the top of your notepads; it will hold the cards in a nice stack, but you'll still be able to remove them if you want to (ie: tear them out).

Ok...that's it for this session. Go take a breather & come back tomorrow for the Grande Finale.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally - A Tutorial... How To Make A Notebook - Part 1, WAY BACK in...September (?) I had shown a notebook on here that I had made from random supplies I had at the time...and some people were interested in a tutorial... and now I have (finally) made a tutorial on how it was done, just in time for Valentine's Day... Stay tuned, 'cause it's coming in a few different parts.

Let's get started... (*Note - Photo FOLLOWS instructions.)

- Fabric of Choice (the original book used upholstery vinyl; this one is stretch leopard print...the vinyl was MUCH easier to work with!)
- Notepad(s) or Index Cards
- Terrifically Tacky Tape or other red-lined SUPER STICKY tape!
- SU! Keytag Punch (*optional, but makes life easier)
- Scrap Cardboard (I used the backs of two notepads; if you're using index cards, just use them)
- Scrap Cardstock (I use white; this will be the interior lining of your book.)
- Scrap of Fabric (and scrap cs, if you're using a lightweight fabric.)
- Velcro or Magnetic Closure (or button, if you're capable of making button holes)

Got your stuff together? Good. Here we go...

Step 1: Measure your notepad or stack of index cards - Length, Width AND Height (of your pad/stack of cards). Mine is: 4.25" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 0.5" (H) - I actually used 3 notepads in order to get the height I wanted.

Step 2: Know what size cover you need to cut from your fabric. The formula I use is:

(width of notepad x 2) + (height of stack) + (1") <--- {This is the width of your cover piece}


(length of notepad) + (1") <--- {This is the length of your cover piece}

SO - my fabric is cut to approximately 8.5" x 5.25"... it doesn't have to be perfect, as these edges will be covered - just make sure you've got at least 0.5" of overhang on all sides, to fold over & secure your cover (a quarter inch would most likely work, too - but I like to be sure.)

Step 3: Find the centre of your fabric ON THE WRONG SIDE and place a strip of Tacky Tape over the center line, end to end. Leave the liner ON! Since I was working with 0.5" Tacky Tape, I only needed one strip; depending on what you're working with, either use wider or skinnier tape, or multiple pieces - if you're using more than one, make sure there are no gaps between the pieces!

Step 4: Place your Scrap Cardboard (cut to size of notepads, or just two extra Index Cards that are the same size as you're using for your pages) on either side of your centre line. With this stretchy fabric, I left a bit of extra space on either side of my 'spine' - I didn't need to do that when I used the vinyl, as it had no movement at all. When you're happy with your placement, and your covers are even, stick 'em down with your tacky tape.

Alright...that's enough for today. I'll be back with more tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I don't usually post on weekends....but this week is SPECIAL!!! Tune in Thursday, Friday & Saturday - I've made my very first tutorial, and I've done it just in time for Valentine's Day! (WooT!)
See you then,

Brynn's Birthday Cards...

Here are the cards Em & I made for my niece, Brynn - she's turning 6 tomorrow! Despite the fact that you can't see it in the photo, there is lots of sparkle; both images have Stickles on the horn, flowers & butterfly, and Liquid Pearls on the dandelion thingers. Oh, and various Spica pens were used in the manes & tails.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keith's Birthday Card

Did I post this? It's the one I made for my father-in-law's birthday. Super simple...he was mostly happy about the 'spare buttons' that were on it...apparently he has a matching shirt. (lol)



Monday, February 8, 2010

PTI Day 8

So PTI's challenge today was to use this sketch:

And a specific colour palette, determined by the first letter of your 'online username' - that lands me in the N-S category:'s my take. Since I don't actually own any PTI products at all, (which would be why I'm entering the I had to make due with the cardstock colours I've got... and so, Smokey Shadow is now Black with White Ink Sponged All Over.

I added ruffles on a whim... I like how they turned out, all loopy and messy. Fun.



Anyone love Alice in Wonderland?!

Check out the new challenge blog HERE... It's completely devoted to Alice-inspired challenges! I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!

Jessica is doing a DT call now - but hurry, you've only got until February 14th to get your applications in!

With Sympathy

Hey... Here's a sympathy card I made the other day...and I actually really love how it turned out. I used the negative cut from a Labels 2 die, and painted it, the flower & the brad with Angel Wings Shimmerz... Very pretty, I think.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bombshell February Sketch Challenge...

which is almost the same sketch as shown at CPS this week... So I'm entering it for both, although I'm following the BSS sketch closer; it's the more detailed of the two.

Check out the Bombshell info here...
And the CPS info here...


Friday, February 5, 2010

PWCO Sunday Sketch #18

Yup, here it is....albeit quite a bit later in the week than was intended. You can play along here. Since it's a Valentine, it also qualifies for entry in the Paper Sundaes challenge here.

Oh, and PWCO is having a release party tonight here...come join in the fun!



PTI Day 5

Hey all... Here's my entry for the Papertrey Ink 3rd Anniversary Celebration Day 5 contest... The challenge was to use the Emboss Resist Technique... This is the first time I've used it, and I think I will be using it more in the future - thanks Nichole, for the inspiration! I'm SO looking forward to the Make It Mondays that PTI will be featuring in the near future... I'll FINALLY be able to get myself some of the PTI yumminess!

Just because...

Hey all,

Here's my first go at using SU!'s treat cups....but since I wasn't sure how the recipient would feel about various edible candies, I decided to put in some crafty candy instead - a random mix of clear buttons.

And, since I didn't want her to have to tear the card to get the buttons, I made a removeable insert instead...which now can double as a bookmark - no sense in wasting paper! =)

(Front - above)

The cherries are all glittered...and I sprinkled some more glitter in the Mod Podge, too. The white ink on the monogram smeared a bit...but I think I like the effect. There was some glow-in-the-dark glitter on the monogram, too - but who knows if it's still there. (I'll test it later!)

Oh, by the way - the funky pointing hand and the cherries are from Bombshell's Cherry Bomb set.