Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bombshell Nose Art

Ok, so the photos suck, but I had what I feel to be a stroke of genius the other night - just in time to add to Scotty's Valentine's Day present.

I used Cherry Bomb again (IMO, she's the most versatile...but what do I know?) and the 'No Regrets' banner from the Girl's Ruin set... a little bit of Glossy Accent for the circle, with the intention of having it look shiny like paint - I would have used paint, except my paint is still in Brandon, and I didn't really want to drive 3 hours for paint. Maybe I'll redo that part later... Oh, and the 'metal' is tinfoil. The rivet lines are made with a CutterBee pokey thingy that I found in one of my desk drawers... I don't even remember buying it!

It's not totally done, because I'm going to build a frame for it...but thanks to the snow, I can't get to the garage. It'll just have to wait; I'll re-post this in the spring sometime, when I can complete it.
(As an aside, it's done to look like it's a piece of the aircraft, torn from the nose area, where the Nose Art would have typically appeared.)

PS - Don't forget about the blog candy!
PPS - Don't let the giant devil face in the Cherry Bomb set scare you off - check out Nicole's use of him here.


  1. I just LOVE this, Steph! I'm obsessed with nose art and am amazed at how realistic this is!!! Wonderful job!!!!!

  2. I so gotta get me some of those stamps! I keep saying it and I still haven't. Love the idea behind this, so unusual. Did he love it?


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