Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I Vent Here For A Minute?

Of course I can - it's my blog!

What's my problem?!


Seriously. I am completely irate that this man has been forced to apologize to anyone other than his wife and his children!!!! The whole freakin' ordeal is about his relationship with his wife & kids (or lack thereof) - who gives a damn about his fans, the media, and his employees?!?!?! The man slept with a few (dozen) women - ALL of whom were apparently willing participants! He did not rape, beat, murder, or physically harm anyone... he did, however, mentally and emotionally hurt his wife and children. In my opinion, he should be making one hell of an effort to apologize to & repair his relationship with his wife and kids - and every single one of the women he slept with should be apologizing to Elin & the kids, too!

And then, since I'm going to run under the assumption that every woman he slept with is also rich, every single one of them should be forced to make a donation to a selection of orphanages. Why? Because those kids have no parents at all, and because Tiger & his friends have most likely now destroyed a once happy, loving home for nothing. I know, you probably can't follow my logic, but it makes sense to me. (If you willingly destroy a happy home, you should be forced to help out people that haven't had a chance at a home at all!)

UGH! How selfish has society become?! It's not about US - it's his family.

And please, let's not get me started on the waste that is known as 'professional' sports - and despite the fact that Olympic participants are supposedly amateurs, know that I class them in the same category.


Ok - I think I'm done now. Please resume your life as it was 5 minutes ago.


  1. Did you happen to see the pathetic press conference right afterward with the porn star he had a relationship with, who is represented by Gloria Allred? Now THAT was pathetic. She's sobbing that she quit her job as a PORN star because he was jealous of her sleeping with other men, and she feels he owes her an apology... even though she flat out knew she was sleeping with a married man, and that she knew she's never be the ONE to replace Elin in his life! All that chick cares about is MONEY. Gloria Allred has sunk to new lows. Don't get me started!!!!!

  2. I know~!
    I had the tv on to watch the View, but, something else comes up. I thought they were going to have the President's press conference or something.
    Didn't know canadians were "forced" watch that either.

  3. I can't believe I forgot to watch ;o) The first thing on the news at 7AM and for two hours after, this was the BIG announcement! I turned off the tv and haven't turned it back on yet. Pretty sad "news" day, huh? Yes, I agree with you Stephanie, he should be focusing on his wife and children ~ every other part of this mess is of no interest to me either.

  4. Hi Steph,
    I TOTALLY agree with what you said. This is between the family members and the other women should be apologizing too. They knew he was married ...and it doesn't matter who pursued who...

  5. I agree too! And the sad thing it's not just Tiger Woods, I mean look at all the politicians doing the same thing.

    We all have dirty laundry ... some worse than others obviously ... but it's never good to air it publicly. It's bad enough that he hurt his wife & family by doing this but now the ENTIRE world knows. That can't make the woman feel very good.

    But I do LOVE your idea of making the women he slept with donate to orphanages. What the heck happened to integrity people?

  6. I have even never heard of this guy until his sex addiction became public.I don't care about this man or his sports activities.
    I feel sorry for his wife and children,but mainly his children.
    I guess he's not out of the woods yet! LOL

  7. LOL This totally cracked me up! I agree that he doesn't need to apologize to the public and all I got from his speech was, "I'm sorry, I'm a man and I got caught!" Oh yeah, and "I'm really only doing this to hopefully save my endorsements!"

  8. I must admit after shouting at the tv for a bit I changed channels while he was mid drone. To me he looked bored, couldn't care less and like you say - only did it because he got caught otherwise he would still be doing it now. Idiot.

  9. LOL, I completely agree. Honestly, the man's a jerk but it's really none of my business, ya know? If I had to parade out in front of everyone on planet Earth every time I made a mistake (giant or otherwise)...well...I guess I'd be a lot more perfect because I certainly wouldn't want to be apologizing every 10 seconds. People are morons.

  10. Thank god someone posted this.. otherwise I would have done it on my blog.. and its not really that professional lol..

    did you see his "im sorry, sniff sniff" "my fault -tear here"

    this stunt was pulled all so that nike, gatorade, tag, etc will take him back hahaah

    pathetic lol...

  11. I felt the same way. I don't care of Tiger and his transgressions. He didn't do anything to me, my family or friends. I think people's private lives should stay just that....PRIVATE.


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