Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally - A Tutorial... How To Make A Notebook - Part 2

Ready for Part 2? Here we go...

Step 5: Cut slits on either side of your spine, just to where your cover begins, on both the top & bottom. This edge will be folded in later on, just to keep a clean edge and to prevent fraying.
Step 6: Put Tacky Tape around the 3 outside edges of your covers, then tightly fold over the edges of your fabric - again, it doesn't need to be pretty because it will be covered - but it does need to be flat!
Step 7: Put more Tacky Tape over your edges, as well as both inside edges. *If you haven't already, make your closure at this time - I used the SU! Keytag Punch & punched two pieces of fabric, as well as two pieces of scrap cardstock. Then I backed the fabric pieces with the cardstock pieces (adhering with an even coverage of Tacky Tape) and then stuck the two pieces together, back to back (again, with Tacky Tape). (You can't see my closure here, as I forgot about it....Don't forget yours, as it's a pain in the ass to slip it in after you have the lining in place!)

Step 8: Unpeel the liner on your tape (except for the spine piece) and place your closure - I like mine more-or-less centered, coming from the back to the front. After you like your placement, add another small piece of tacky tape over top of the closure (again, maybe not necessary, but I like to be sure it's not coming out!) and then place your interior cover pieces over top of everything. I like to use white cardstock (or in the case of the vinyl book, just the white side of extra index cards) because I think it looks more 'professional' - you can use whatever you want. I trimmed these pieces down just a hair smaller than the actual covers; that's optional, if you're feeling lazy.

Step 9: NOW you can unpeel the liner on your spine. Fold over both ends and place a little smidge more of your Tacky Tape over top.

Step 10: Place your notepads or stack of Index Cards on your spine and press FIRMLY! This is how your pages are going to stay in your cover. If you're using Index Cards, this will basically act the same as the glue does on the top of your notepads; it will hold the cards in a nice stack, but you'll still be able to remove them if you want to (ie: tear them out).

Ok...that's it for this session. Go take a breather & come back tomorrow for the Grande Finale.


  1. The enclosure tab is a genius idea! LOVE IT! I gotta buy that punch. Heehee.
    You make me laugh. Heehee

  2. Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.


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