Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Was I Thinking?!

FIRST: Hi Lisa!!! Lisa from The Craft's Meow is OFFICIALLY Follower #2; YAY!
So, I was playing around the other night on the internet...and I found this poster here.

Which, of course, inspired me to break out the Bombshells! The part that worries me about all this is... I made a freakin' Christmas card! WHAT?! Being Canadian, Manitoban to be specific, I should be relishing every single ounce of Summer & Sunshine that I can get; it will be forty below zero all too soon! Except...that Bombshell Angel of mine was needing to be in a bar, with a drink in her hand...and that little red piece in the top corner just screamed *CHRISTMAS* to me...and so, my first Christmas card of 2009 was born!
The background on the navy piece is heat embossed to give my 'wall' a little texture...and the 'bar' is coloured with an afterthought, I should have broken out the Cutlebug and the Distressed Stripes folder....meh. Maybe next time! Angel is also coloured with Copics; Sketch & Atyou Spica.

I added the little martini glass, too - this Bombshell is very easy to alter into holding something! NOTE: I'm not in denial; the colouring does kind of suck on her, I admit it - shading & blending don't work quite as well when you've only got Spica to work with; I'm waiting, albeit NOT patiently, to order more Copics! I also smudged a bit of brown by her hand, because I'm a klutz...Don't worry, I promise she'll look MUCH better the next time you see her!
Go check out Bombshell Stamps NOW - Shannon's having a 20% off sale in celebration of Bombshell's 2nd Anniversary! WOO HOO!!!!
(That works out to be $11.99 for an unmounted set of approximately 10 stamps, for the regular priced sets!)
I am off to bed now; peace out, dudes!
xo, ~S~


  1. She looks great with a cocktail in her hand, but then again, who doesn't?

    Great card!

  2. Ooolala!I love this image... reminds me of the 40's, which is one of my favorite eras. I guess I'm an old soul...ha! And I would never have noticed the smudge if you hadn't said! Great job, Stephanie. And I'm proud to be your follower!



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