Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Greeting Farm - Week of Challenges - Day 4

Well, Day 4's challenge was MUCH better than Day 3's! Today, it was to use bling & sparkle - both of which I'm VERY comfortable with! Since I've been posting the challenge cards in the TGF Galleria, I keep noticing titles of past challenges - one of which was 'Trip it Up & Stamp it Out!".... So since that's been rattling around in my brain, I thought the sparkle challenge was a perfect excuse to ink up this super cute Hippie Anya!

I used some pretty shimmery paper - I found it online at, although like usual, you can't see just how shimmery it is in the photo; same goes for the Spica Atyou shine all over Anya!

I just punched various circles out of the shiny paper, and stuck them down randomly...added a KaiserCraft flower to her hair band, and some KaiserCraft rhinestones to finish it up - all on a plain black base. OooooOOOooo, shiny!

I think I'm off on an adventure today - need to go see how the reno is going....and to swap cars. Apparently there's a recall on the Jetta, and the cruise control is pooched till the recall is that's resulting in a royal pain for me! (3 hours round trip to get the Jetta - then 5 hours round trip to get it fixed - plus however long it takes for the actual repair....and then another 3 hours to get MY car back! Grrrr!)

Peace out, dudes!!

xo, ~S~

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