Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OOPS! And, TGF Week of Challenges Day 2...

So, I'm officially an idiot! For the TGF challenges, you've got to use either Anya or Ian...so, poor Annika was taken off the card, and replaced with Princess Anya! (Fitting, since it's my little princess who is starting school & this card will be tucked in with her school supplies!)

AND, to prove that I'm not a total idiot, I thought I better partake in the TGF Week of Challenges Day 2 - Crazy Hair Day... So, who better to have crazy hair than Rockstar Anya?! Apparently, I'm on a lime green & hot pink kick this week... Guess I've just been feeling a little more like my punky old self these days! (YES!)

See that zebra print ribbon? It used to be white, but the Bics fixed that! Also, you can't really see them, but there are 3 stars stamped in lime & clear embossed up the right-hand side. The border on the bottom has some lime green glitter to accent it, too - YAY for sparkles! (And now Lily is glittery, too...damn, that stuff just gets every-freakin'-where!)

That's it for today, folks -

xo, ~S~

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