Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And after all of that...

I spent most of the night thinking about the fact that I absolutely needed to get a photo of the inside of the wedding card... and so, around 5:00AM, I got out the camera to get one...and whaddya know? I guess I DID remember to take one! So, here it is:

See? Just a really simple interior pocket! As for the sentiment, it's from one of those cheap little Studio G sets from Michael's - although, it originally said 'So Totally Happy For You', which I thought was lame, so I whipped out the X-Acto knife and cut it out! (Wow, that sounds a little psycho...ah well, we've all got our moments!)

Ahhhhhh....I feel so much better having that posted - now it's complete!

xo, ~S~

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