Thursday, September 23, 2010

PWCO Free For All!

Yay - I tried my hand at hair clips; turned out pretty good for a first go, I think - at least, The Princess says so! 

Looking for fun, crafty ideas (that are fairly simple to mass produce - and that are fairly inexpensive!) for the goodie bags at The Royal Princess' 6th Birthday Ball - I know, I know... not until the end of October... but these things require extensive testing prior to being tossed to the wolves! (*ahem... attending guests from nearby kingdoms...ahem*)  <--(lol)  Lil's been sporting these clips around town the last few days, and so far, they've stood up to storms and saliva, and have garnered quite a few compliments.  (YES!)

Oh yeah... and PWCO needs to fit in here somewhere, too - check the card out; I made this little set for Ms. Em herself.  Super proud of her these days - she's been back in school for almost 3 weeks now... Apparently the littles are supposed to be at Reading Level 16 by the end of first grade.  The first books she brought home from school are at Level 15.... hence the bookmark (thanks, PTI, for creating this kick-ass die - and super yummy felt!!).  Annnywayy... right.  The card.  It's got my most favourite PWCO character on it... Zoie the Zebra!  So easy to add glitz with her; just heat emboss her with black glitter ep - and taaaa daaaa- super sparkly zebra, with very minimal effort!  Add a touch of Copic to liven things up a bit here and there.

All righty... I've got a boatload of packing to do... I'm scheduling this post for the AM, since Em & I will be hitting the road at noon, on our way to London, Ontario - sooo excited for Kraftin Kimmie Day!!!!  (Anyone else going?)



  1. What an awesome Mom you are. Fab ideas!

  2. Those hair clips are so cute! What fab fun bags they will be!

  3. The royal birthday ball sounds like a ton of fun and these gorgeous clips will be a perfect treat for little princesses. Enjoy!

  4. love the hair clips, stephanie! 2 thumb up from moms!! how was the kraftin' kimmie w/e? tinla

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog, and I am loving it! I really love your work.

    I am now a follower!!

  6. Pretty, pretty!!! I wanna make it, too!
    How was London? I'm still bummed about not being able to make it. =(


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