Thursday, September 2, 2010

PaperWorks Co - Free For All!

Hey everyone!

Wow, is September an exciting month in the Jones household! It's going to contain my birthday (16th), my husband's birthday(30th), a visit from my Dad (who lives in Texas - he's around from the 9th-17th), Emily starts Ballet & Tap right after her first day of Grade 1 (8th), AND Em & I are taking off on a weekend getaway at the end of the month - and don't forget the ongoing harvest throughout all of this!! Good thing my 'assignment' for this month is Free For All!!! Being able to just create without any guidelines is sometimes easier when you're busy, especially if you've got PWCO's PaperCard kits! <--Definitely one of my must-haves - and a shameless plug (lol)!
For details, come visit me over at the PWCO Blog!



  1. What a full and fun-sounding month! What a cute card! Love your coloring!

  2. This is a great card, Steph. Love all the glitter. You made me laugh yesterday with this post. I thought when you wrote that your birthday is the 16th--I thought you meant you were 16 years old! Hahaha---you're young, chickie, but not that young! LOL


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