Thursday, April 12, 2012


...the arrival of:

Sadie Rain Jones!!

6 Lbs, 14 oz - 20.5" long!
Miss Sadie was born at 4:00PM on Saturday, March 24 - just over 3 weeks earlier than we were expecting her!  (Can I just say, it's totally strange to think that technically, she's still not supposed to be here... not until next Tuesday!)

Everything went well, and if I had been allowed to, I could have happily gone home by 6pm that same day.  Talk about short and sweet; I wasn't sure, but I thought my water broke around 11am.  After a shower, a pb&j and some Google research, I decided that in fact, it had... so I woke up Mr Jones (who had gone back to bed in an attempt to sleep off the last lingering effects of a migraine) around 12:30, and we hit the road at 1:00pm.  At 2:15, we were admitted to the hospital via the ER (being a Saturday, that was the only way in), and I think the poor woman who admitted us was thoroughly confused.  I was perfectly fine, albeit uncomfortable because I was soaked (tmi? sorry) and Scotty was looking/feeling a little worse for the wear (thanks to the migraine, the abrupt awakening, and the stressful-for-him drive in not knowing if he was going to possibly be delivering a baby on the side of the highway because the hospital is roughly 140kms from where we live), so I was getting all the paperwork done, etc, and I don't think at first she really knew which one of us we were trying to have admitted! (LOL!)  Anyway, we headed up to the 4th floor of the hospital, and got settled in the pre-assessment room, where they hook you up to the fetal heart rate monitor, and the contraction monitor thingy, and they go over your chart (which I didn't have, since I was supposed to pick it up Friday - like, the 30th - ha!) and/or do whatever they need to do.  Since I didn't have my chart, we had to go through an extensive questionnaire, and while doing so, my contractions finally began - as in, at 2:29, I was fine, and when they started at about 2:30, I couldn't talk.  The nurse was funny; I think she thought I was over-reacting, since it started so quickly and I had been perfectly fine a minute previous, but then she looked at the monitor about 10 minutes later... and her eyes got really big.  (Keep in mind, we just answered the question about how long previous labours/deliveries were - about 1.75 hours for the first one, and 1.5 hours for the second one!)  She tells us that she's going to check me quickly, because I'm starting to freak her out - when the contractions started, they were already off the chart, and they were 3.5 minutes apart.  When she decided I was 5-6cm dilated, she ran out of the room and informed the other nurses that they were moving me to the delivery room NOW... and of course, me being helpful like I am, I reminded her that I never did make it out of the pre-assessment room with the FIRST baby! (lol)  Meanwhile, there were two other women already in labour, that were pretty much abandoned (lol) because I don't waste any time with matters like this!

So... I get moved to the delivery room.  It's around, oh... 3:10 at this point.  For the first time, I'm told that if I want, we can try an epidural - of course, no promises, since we were running out of time, but at least we could try.  (Which impressed me, as with the other two, I was told I didn't have time for any sort of pain killers.  I had the gas to help get through the remainder of the contractions, but that was it.)  Well, of course, I was all for trying, so we did.  They got the test dose into me... and then one of the nurses ran out to the hall to see if the Doc was on his way; upon spotting him walking casually down the hall, she yelled at him that he better get a move on! (lol)  Annnnnnddddd.... after one little push, and then one big push, Miss Sadie was born at 4:00pm.  The nurse was saying afterwards that if I hadn't gotten the test dose of the epidural, Doc wouldn't have made it in time for the delivery!

Yeah... all of you with horror stories related to your labours and/or deliveries, you can hate me.  Heck, I'd even hate me for you! (lol)  Before this, I thought my other two L&Ds were super quick and easy, but this just takes the cake!  I do have to say, though... with all the people who have commented that I'm just 'made for making babies', I'm thankful that we farm grain and not cattle... or else I might find myself put out in the barn with the heifers!  (haaaa!)

Needless to say, I haven't been doing much - readjusting to life with a newborn, and all that... I've been working on a card set for the last two days (thank yous, of course!), and it's going to be another day or two before I'm done, but I'll be sure to post them when I finish.


PS -  Crap.  I forgot what I was going to PS!


  1. Congratulations Steph. She's a beauty!

  2. awww she is so beautiful huni and im so pleased you had a quick delivery too you must be so overjoyed she is a little princess and i just love her name Sadie Rain its stunning congrats sweetie xx

  3. Congratulations to you all on the new beautiful addition to your family, super quick deliveries Stephanie! Take CareX:)

  4. Congratulations on your new arrival! And for such a quick delivery!

  5. Congrats! Such a precious gem.

  6. Welcome to the world, Sadie.

    I was so happy for you reading your birth story as it sounds like it was as gentle and non-traumatic as something as INSANE as childbirth can be. I love that it went so well for you.

    Congratulations again! I can't wait to see more pictures of your new daughter.

  7. Congrats, Strphanie!! She's beautiful!! Great story (hate you!).

  8. Belated CONGRATULATIONS Stephanie! I didn't even know you were expecting. I'm sorry but I just sat and chuckled my way through that post. She's beautiful!

  9. stephanie, congratulations on the safe birth of little sadie!! i am so happy for you! i am so glad that you had a great delivery....with so many horror stories out there, it is so nice to hear of one labour/delivery that went well for the mama:):) congratulations! and many hugs:):) tinla

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