Thursday, October 7, 2010

PSA Essentials...

Dudes.  Check this out: PSA Stamp Camp!

And look at these: Skelanimals - can hardly wait to  play with these guys!!!!

Oh yeah.... and candy?  It's coming.  The housework/studio revamping has been eating me alive - especially since my last weekend (weekend? Almost a full week!) in September was spent taking Emily to meet this lady:
And the first weekend of October was spent watching this team kick serious ass in their Homecoming game. (48-0...sick.)  Yay, Tylar Kist - maybe you'll actually get to play next year?  (Yup.  Drove 8 hours & blew $200 on hotel rooms, thinking I was going to watch my cousin play....but apparently freshmen only get to hang out on the sidelines, looking like hitmen...seriously, go look him up on the roster.)

How about a completely off-topic but super adorable Lily photo?

Look at those pig-tails!  (Awwww....)  Em came home from school & decided to dress Lily up... and then we went back to school for the open house.  Cute.

So.... lots of DT projects happening behind-the-scenes.  Candy coming when I get to it.  Photos of the Studio (re)Vamp coming soon.  Princess Party invites in dire need of some attention...along with Princess hair clips... and Halloween decorations to create, along with a party for the dance crew... oh, and two loft beds to put together, Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, and possibly some sleep...if there's time. ;)

AND... I'm blogging over at Gauche Alchemy tomorrow.  Check it out. =)
Yup, laters.

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  1. Love your little butterfly! How sweet your kiddos are.


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