Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey all!

Just wanted to post some more recent photos of the littles... If you're here looking for my Oh, Alice post, just scroll down a bit!  =)

She's Crafty - of course, Big Sis helped her write her name first!
(And I believe those are blueberry stains on her little outfit, from breakfast...)
Blondie + Paint = Hours of Fun!  (This was piece # 3; you can see the other two on the floor behind Lily.  Obviously, laundry was sadly neglected!  LOL!)
Blondie + The Camera = Full Memory Card!  (lol)

I don't know who ate all the raspberries, mumma... but it wasn't me!

 Don't know who was nibbling all the rhubarb, either...

Question of the Day:  What the heck am I supposed to do with a full garden row of 'salad mix' lettuce?!  I'm a city girl, folks - The Farmer (aka, my hunny) was supposed to plant a reasonable amount of lettuce... well, if I make salads every day with what's out there, we're all going to grow fluffy tails & floppy ears by the time it's done!  And apparently it can't be frozen... so what the heck do I do with it all?!



  1. Any food kitchens to donate it too? That is alot of lettuce! Love the pictures, too cute.

  2. Guess I have to come over and take your lettuce away! Our crops have not been good this year =(

    My my~~~ How did Lily got so big!!! Your girls are sooooo pretty. Maybe it might not be a good idea for kyle to hang out with Em. He likes pretty girls who are artistic. Hehe.


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