Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey all!

Welcome to a special edition Bombshell hop! Us DT girls thought we'd get together & create some ATCs for a DT-only swap, using our fave Bombshell stamp. The main attraction here is that eventually, I'm going to take one of each & create a special little Bombshell black book for our head hottie, Shannon! (Psst - forget you just read that, Shannon... LOL!)

Anyway, my fave is definitely Cherry Bomb... and when I asked Scott & Emily which of my Bombshells they thought was most 'me' that's who they chose. (Awwww.... lol!) This little hunny is coloured up with Copics & Smooch (Pink Taffy) on her outfit, shoes & cherry (and on this one in particular, her lips. Looks like crap; didn't do it on the others!). Behind her is some of the waxed paper that I usually put on my work surface when spraying things with Glimmer Mist... but this one also includes a bunch of Smooch Spritz & Shimmerz Spritz, all in various colours. The base of the ATC is also spritzed with the same wacky concoction of spritzes/mists... and I added a few nail gems (got a zillion off EvilBay forever ago; this link is just to show what I used, it's not where I bought them) on the top right-hand side of the black layer, as well as in the centre of her flower.

Oh yes, and I wanted to say a quick thanks to all who participated - all of the ATCs look awesome! Mine have gone into THIS totally kick-ass tin our DT Captain Kathi made just for me - SUPER thanks, Kathi!!!!! (Said in my best childish voice: *neener, neener, I got pretties made just for me, and you didn't*....LMAO!)

And now that you've (hopefully) been inspired, head on off to check out what the other chickies were up to - lots of yumminess to see!

Steph <-- you are here! Kathi


  1. She's awesome! I love that you used nail gems! Even better looking in person! Thank you for putting this all together for us!

  2. I loved all the shimmer on it!

  3. Very sweet ATC my dear. I love the smooch

  4. Hi Steph! Thanks again for getting all us girlies together for this fab swap! Love your glitzy, glimmery bombshell and ATC. Such a beauty! EvilBay...LOL!! Your such a stitch ;D

  5. You did such a great job on this one. Nail gems? Wow. Go know.

    The glimmer/shimmer is so cool in real life. I'm so glad I get to hold and fondle my card.

    I'm also glad you like your little tin! It's pink and has a pink star! All just for you!

    Thanks for organizing the swap!

  6. Fantastic card Stephanie!

  7. I'm jealous! You have that fabulous tin! Now you have the awesome ATCs to go in it. I love your cherry bomb! Totally rocks!

  8. Awesome!! I found out BSS was hopping along today from Alison's blog, so I had to come check out whatch all made!! Love this!!

  9. Very pretty! I Love the pink and shimmer!!

  10. she is so cool, I love the cherry! such a cute idea!

  11. the shimmer and nail gems are clever!!

  12. Awesome ATC Stephanie it looks fantastic...hugz Anita

  13. Gorgeous Stephanie!!! Love this!!!

  14. You are amazing Steph!!! This was really a beautiful idea and I'm deeply touched by your thoughtful consideration. Love the ATC too!!! Big hugs!

  15. That's one sexy cherry bomb!!! GREAT job!


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