Friday, March 5, 2010

One More Oldie...

Sorry for the crappy picture; no one ever accused me of being a good photographer.
Here's a cookie sheet message board I made back in July (?)... I found these magnetic dry-erase calendars at the dollar store, but they were really ugly colours. Black spray paint fixed that. Then I made month magnets for it, because I spray painted over where you were supposed to write that in. The round yellow things underneath the calendar are also magnets; I just used the polka dotty paper, punched out circles (1/2"?), adhered to the magnet, and then covered in UTEE. The three circle boards on the left side are wood pieces from M's; the top one was painted in chalkboard paint, the second one has a layer of foam covered in a layer of cork (which was stamped in white ink; the yellow flower centers are actually tacks) and the third one was just spray painted & then I attached a stack of yellow sticky notes. I also put a magnet on the back of a binder clip, so I could include some chalk... and the dry erase marker came with the calendar. Oh yes, and the cookie sheet was on sale at WalMart. It was something like $2.

Taaa-Daaaaaa.... super-easy gift that looks great and didn't cost an arm & a leg.

I. Will. Get. Some. Crafty. Time. This. Weekend. <~~That's my new mantra.



  1. This is Just Fab!! Love it! Hugs Juls

  2. OH THAT IS TOO FUN!!!!!

  3. Hey, that's a great idea, thanks for sharing that! I've got it locked in to my mind now the next time I need something like this for organizing my day!!!! I use a magnetic calendar board myself, but it's rather plain! I might just perk it up with some fancy stuff! Inspiration is calling!

    ciao bella

  4. Another great project! You're right, this would make such an awesome gift!


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