Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Youngest PaperWorks Co. Fan?

Hello out there in blogland!
It's Emily's day for a post today; she'd like to show off the card she made her daddy for his birthday!
(Bear in mind, Emily will be 5 at the end of the month)

Emily says:

"The Scarlet Macaw needs to be rainbow coloured, because just scarlet borings me out. This bird is sitting on a ruffly branch, 'cause I didn't want ut just straight. There are rocks, too, 'cause Daddy likes rocks. And flowers. With jewels in the middles. And I drew the sky, in different shades of blue. Mommy cut out Tikki for me, because I was busy cutting out rocks. And the best part is, it says 'Happy Bird-day' inside - get it?!"

Emily made this card with one if the leftover mini kits that Peggy from PaperWorks Co. was sweet enough to send for her, and Tikki the Toucan is part of the Jungle Jesters set that I won last month, from PWCO as well!
xo, ~S~ (And, E!!)


  1. Bravo Em!
    i'm telling ya steph.. i'll have to negotiate a little dt contract with her in a few years ;)

  2. Oh my! Tell your little Emily that she has lots of fans! Her card for her Daddy is just wonderfully creative. I am sure he loved it!

  3. Beautiful!! I LOVE IT!!! I am sure her Dad did too!

  4. You did SUCH a great job on this card, Emily. Daddy will keep it forever!


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