Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Twinery Baker's Twine - SALE!

Someone mentioned the links don't work; it appears they go to the GroopDealz offer for paper straws when I click them - to get to the twine, you need to scroll down a bit and click the 'view deal' button under the photo of the twine in the right sidebar on the GD site.  Hope that helps!


Anyone in need of some yummy Baker's Twine from The Twinery, but not willing to pay $14.99/spool + $3.50 shipping (and an additional $1.50 per spool after that)?!

GroopDealz is offering 6 of The Twinery's colours for only $8/spool + $2 shipping (and $1 for each additional spool)!!!

(Photo from the GroopDealz site)

Colours Available:  Maraschino, Mandarin, Lemondrop, Peapod, Denim & Lilac

If you bought all 6 direct from The Twinery, you'd be paying $89.94 + $11 shipping - so, $100.94, or $16.82/spool...

If you bought all 6 through GroopDealz, you'd be paying $48 + $7 shipping - so, $55 or $9.17/spool!

How awesome is that?!

Happy shopping!


  1. Would love to check this out but none of the links work at all.

  2. I was so excited but the fine print says ships to US only...which is silly since I have ordered from the twinery before. sad face.

  3. I saw your comment over on my blog Steph. I won't do an order though - still have lots left from my last one!

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