Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PWCO Sketch #102!


Yeah, so the mojo's still mostly M.I.A.... but oh well.  Such is life.  I still can't stand the smell of my Copics (boo-urns.  WTF is up with that?!)  so there's been a whole lot of no colouring going on in these parts....

Like this:
Um, yeah.  Just smile and nod, folks, just smile and nod.  Here's hoping now that I've officially entered the second trimester, my mojo will return...'cause this is pathetic.

At least the image is cute - that's from the Little Loud Stamps 'Christmas Freckle Collection' - it's "Jacob and the Reindeer", and it's on clearance in the PWCO Shop for a whole whopping $3.50!

And you can find Sketch #102 HERE <--click! - check it out & play along with us... you don't have to use PWCO images to play... but you DO get a double entry if you do use them!  Also, to qualify to win, you have to play along with at least two of our challenges... which shouldn't be too hard, since you've got all month to do so!  :)

Anyway, 'nuff rambling.  I'm hungry again.... pizza pretzels, anyone?!



  1. Pretzels and Chicken Nuggets were my best friend for the heartburn/nauseau. I like the card, and think you should let Em or Lilly color it in and give it to Daddy for Christmas.

  2. hey, for my other dt, one of the assignments is to make a card with an image that has no coloring. don't be so hard on yourself. hope you're resting well and yummy!!!


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