Thursday, January 6, 2011

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with TWO crafty posts after this one today - so make sure you check 'em out, 'cause there's a new release blog hop in there that you do not want to miss (that goes live at 10AM CST)!

Anyone else have crazy holidays?  Mine weren't even actually all that crazy, but the time sure flew by fast.  I forgot what it was like having BOTH girls home for a solid 14 days!!  LOL!!!!

Christmas went well - the girls both got everything they wanted (how do I know what Lily wanted?  Why, I took her shopping... then proceeded to go home with the things she picked out & wrapped them.  Ahhhh, the beauty of being only 1.5!).  Wanna know why I don't scrapbook?  That'd be because I totally forget to take pictures.  I did get a few shots though - Emily's Southern Grandma sent her a couple boxed sets of Junie B. Jones books, and they were a major hit.  Here's Em (and Lil, aka Emily's Shadow) checking out her new books while on the phone with Grandma Sheryl to thank her:

See that little barn in the corner of the photos?  Lily got that from Scott's parents.  She also got the cutest little maid's cart (JUST like the ones in hotels!) from us, because it's forever a battle to get my broom away from her so I can actually use it.  Ever since Boxing Day, Lily's morning routine has become:  wake up, yell at dad: "SHOW!  Mouse!!  please?!" (to turn on the tv, because Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is usually on), pull out the farm and move the animals and farmers around going 'do do dooo do dooooooo' as they 'walk', put the farm away, and get out the maid cart to sweep and mop the floors and the coffee table.  After all that, she comes to the kitchen counter, stands right under where the bananas are, and says, "Mum!  NAAAAAA!!! please?!" and there had better be bananas in the house, or Ms. Stubborn will refuse to eat anything else for at least an hour.  Did I mention she's 19 months now?  Holy crap.  She's definitely got a much calmer vibe to her (she doesn't remind me of a hummingbird the way Emily does) but she's definitely got her own spunk.  Who wants to bet I'll be Clairol's biggest customer by the time I'm 30?! 

Emily started back to school today.  She was quite excited about that - even despite being hit with a spelling test that we both totally didn't realize she was going to have.  (One of those things; we know she has spelling tests on Thursdays, but it just didn't register that today was Thursday, I guess.)  Even so, she wound up with 9/10, plus the bonus word.  Her mistake?  Mis-hearing the word 'brim' - thought her teacher was saying 'grim'.  Ooops.  (Wanna bet she just wasn't listening in the first place? LOL)

Lily had her first nap since Christmas today.  She doesn't sleep during the day if there's anyone else around - totally a combo of 'boring mom' and 'she might miss something if there's someone else around'.... or, it could be that Emily's just loud... and that she's had a different friend over pretty much every day.  Those of you with multiple children probably know how it goes.

I've been on the hunt for my mojo.  It went missing with the holidays... and when I have been getting crafty, it's almost always for PSA Essentials, which requires me to work a month in advance - and then doesn't allow me to blog my creations 'til at least 7 days after they're posted on the PSA blog (and I have no idea what days things are supposed to go live).  I don't know if anyone else is in that situation - but I find the way it is results in me totally forgetting to watch for my projects, and then not remembering to actually come back to blog them.  Pain in the arse, really.  It's a good thing those stamps rock... and that I feel totally honoured to be on the team, since I truly was asked if I'd take it on - I had no idea they existed, so I didn't go through the full application routine.  That's pretty cool... and the fact that there are opportunities for my projects to be shown on HSN totally helps ease the pain, too.  (Check out the PSA blog - there's a little info on there about the HSN debut February 1)

Annnndddd on that note.... I have a zillion and four things to do still, and it's already 11:30.  Taking on all of the posting and organizing duties at Gauche maybe wasn't my swiftest move... but it had to be done - and I'm glad to be able to help Amy out any way I can.  {Heart} that chickie, that's for sure.

Like I said - check out the next 2 posts - one's GA-related, and the other's PWCO & Rachelle Anne Miller's LOVE Release!


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