Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Candy - Winner!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  I was going to use to choose a winner, but apparently you now have to pay for their drawing services... so I just put the numbers 1 - 45 into my little plastic cauldron & had Lily pick one out the old fashioned way.

After much chasing of the little twerp, and many minutes of the winning number being crumpled in a chubby little baby fist, and said chubby baby shaking her finger in my face and telling me, 'No, mommy, no, no, no - mine!', I finally determined that the winner of my candy is:

comment #43 - JANET!

So... congrats!  Email me with your info & I'll get this goodness out to you right away!


  1. Congrats Janet :D

    You have to pay for Random now? Cheek. This one is cute - a virtual hat that the names come out of ;)

  2. Congrats Janet enjoy your goodies :)


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