Monday, June 7, 2010

An Emily Creation...

So Ms. Emily needed a birthday card for one of her three 'boyfriends' last week... and so far, she's made her own cards, so we figured we better continue the tradition. This card features Zed from DoodleFactory's Creatures II set (which the awesome Sheena B sent to me; thanks Sheena!!!) as well as Nestibilities Labels 1, which you can pick up at PaperWorks Co! The sentiment stamps used on the front are from this set by Hot Off The Press - although, I think I picked this set up at the LSS forever ago. (It's definitely a go-to set!)

The dew drops are there to represent boogers... yum! <--not! LOL!
The sentiment inside is included in the Creatures II set; PERFECT for a 6 year old boy!

The card base is actually from a K &Co set I got at Michael's forever ago; the set is full of pretty blues & greens. Emily found a base in the set with a cut-out, but she wanted to use this base instead, so we broke out the Nesties & hooked her up. I helped her with the cut-out, with inking the edges of the cut-outs & lining up her sentiments, but the majority of the card is all her. (Nah, I'm not proud of her... not at all!)

Anyway, guess The Man needs me to bring him some lunch... farming has been interesting these days, as it's been so wet lately. A few days ago, he tried to sow a field, but literally would get stuck, get pulled out, go thirty feet, and get stuck again. We tried something new yesterday; sowing via spray plane. Apparently, they attach a chute that disperses the seed when the dump gate is opened, and the seed is spread over the field that way - very, very similar to spraying, but obviously you're using something solid instead of liquid. So... the girls & I headed up to the airstrip yesterday to watch; brought back memories of an old job... sure do miss working at the Flying Club!!!!! (*is a little background needed? I think so. I used to work at the Brandon Flying Club, & handled all things office- & parts-related for the shop. Sure did love that job - always had something new to learn, met a ton of interesting people, and got to check out all sorts of aircraft. That job was extra-cool, because 20 years ago, when I was just wee, my dad was not only a spray pilot, but he also was a flight instructor at said Flying Club, so I spent LOTS of time there... and it turned out that the same head mechanic was STILL there when I applied for my job! Had to quit after two years, because a new opportunity arose, which included better pay & benefits - something nice in the first place, but even more important when in the position of a single mom!)

Wow, sorry, got sidetracked there.... alrighty - NOW I'm going to make lunch! =)



  1. Teeheee, love the card.

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Best card ever!!!

  3. Buwahaha! Love the nose-picker and boogies!! Sounds like you had such a cool job!

  4. Heeheehee. Heeheeheee. Emily read my mind. The card I had in mind to make for you was Zed picking out the window. Too bad it's for her boyfriend. hehe. Love the dew drops! hehe.


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