Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hellllooooooo? Is anybody out there?? Jeez, at this rate, the Blog Police are probably going to stop by my little piece of the Blogosphere & change the locks. ('Cause apparently that's what they do to abandoned blogs, ya know?)

Look - lotsa bigish things in the works. My baby turns 1 this weekend... and after I get done with totally losing it over that little fact, I will be back. <--this, of course, said in my most absolute bestest Terminator voice.

In fact, I'll actually be back briefly on Friday. There's a PWCO hop happening - and I need to do *something*, dammit!

{Luv to those that have stuck through my absence. Dude, good thing I'm not in the Blog Army. They get really pissy when their folks just go MIA...}



  1. i'm here!!!!!
    and don't worry, i'm still not done my project for the hop either.... better get to it though since we only have 2 days left! yikes!

  2. Can't wait to see your creation on Friday, Stephanie! And happy birthday to your lil cutie!!


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